Megaloh & Tony Allen “Regenmacher Afrobeat Session”

Berlin-based rapper Megaloh explored his African roots on his latest album “Regenmacher”. Combining elements of trap and boom bap with African influences and harmonies, the album featured samples and loops from unreleased material by seminal Afrobeat legendary drummer Tony Allen.

In August, Red Bull Studios Berlin brought together Tony Allen and Megaloh to revisit some of the “Regenmacher” material in a two-day session. The result: four reworked album tracks with an Afrobeat twist and one new tune, “Originators”.  

In addition to Megaloh (vocals), Tony Allen (drums) and producer Ghanaian Stallion, also performing in these sessions were: Kelvin Sholar (Rhodes, Marimba and Musical Director), Christian Prommer (Engineer Red Bull Studios and Percussion), Charles Sammons (bass), Johannes Brecht (bass), Loomis Green (guitar), Ben Abarbanel- Wolff (saxophones), Philip Sindy (trumpet) and Andrey Ugoliev (trombone).