Listen to Carne Doce's Psychedelic Rock

We invited the couple Salma Jô and Macloys Aquino, from brazilian psychedelic indie rock band Carne Doce, to play an exclusive version of a song from their new album, which has just been recorded at Red Bull Studios São Paulo. A song about the affliction and the pleasure of sharing the life with someone: this is how vocalist Salma Jô describes "Eu Te Odeio" [I Hate You], one of the tracks of Carne Doce's second album. The album was recorded throughout June at Red Bull Studios São Paulo on a process influenced by the immersion of the group both in the studio as in another city -- they are from Goiânia, a midwest capital in Brazil, and lived in a rented apartment all together for a month in São Paulo. We took the opportunity to record Salma and guitarist Macloys Aquino, his partner in band and in life, playing "Eu Te Odeio" in a lo-fi version on the steps of the Red Bull Station building, where Red Bull Studios São Paulo is located -- delivering now a taste of their new album. "'Eu Te Odeio' is the most sweet and soft music of the album. I did the harmony and Salma wrote the letter", says Macloys. "It's a music about passion, about the erotic, childish game, about being feminine on a relation. About the affliction and the pleasure of sharing the life with someone", says Salma. Recorded by Rodrigo Funai Costa, the second work of the band - whose formation is completed by João Victor Santana (guitar), Ricardo Machado (drums) and Aderson Maia (bass) - is scheduled to come out in August, stay tuned.