Beats On Demand: Superpoze

Attention producers and beatmakers: We need you! Send your sounds to help produce the next track!

Red Bull Studios Paris is reinventing the collaborative production process. Whether you are a beatmaker, melodist, enthusiast or simply a music-sampling fan, this project is for you. Save your favorite sounds - everyday noises or personal compositions - and send them to the select producers we’re inviting to Red Bull Studios Paris. Then let them transform your sounds into a free, downloadable piece of music for everyone.


The tapping noise of your fingers hitting your coffee mug. The sound of footsteps on the pavement. Both can become the ultimate melody when your put them in the hands of the best producers of the moment. That’s what Beats on Demand is all about.


And for our first installation, welcome producer Superpoze.


Submit your ideas to him now by uploading your sounds on the module below: