Sun Ra Mixtape

On September 22, French musician Thomas Pourquery will pay homage to the cosmic American musician Sun Ra with a performance of Supersonic at Red Bull Music Academy festival in Paris. To kick start that bromance, he's dropped the Sun Ra mixtape for hungry ears. 


How did you meet the music of Sun Ra, what role does he play in your musical career?

Thomas Pourquery: When I was a baby my mother sang me to sleep with Sun Ra. His songs are written in the flesh of my ears! Then I really discovered his world, his poetry when I was at the Studio des Islettes then the mythical Montmartre cliffs with my band freakos where we played all of his music every night.


Sun Ra says, "My music will first scare people: it represents happiness and they are not generally". This is exactly what happened to me! I began to be afraid and then she opened the door to the space, the whole universe became possible, accessible, visible. "There is no limit to the things you can do, there is no limit to the things you can be."


What free jazz music for you?

Thomas Pourquery: The free jazz music is a cosmic ship to travel through space and time. It is the freedom to capture all the flags and to do what you want to do when you get to your destination, however you chose to get there.


You will play your project Supersonic in Paris during the RBMA Festival on September 22. What should we expect?

Thomas Pourquery: I always start with the exploration of a work of art (a movie, a book, a concert, a painting ...) in hopes that it will open the doors to infinity for me and that I too can open the doors to infinity for others. So expect a meeting of minds and sounds that could change your life, that is my greatest wish for all of us.


For more information about Thomas Pourquery 's upcoming RBMA Paris Festival performance, click here.