Benny Sings ft. Mayer Hawthorne

Shoebox Money

Amsterdam based artist Benny Sings 5th album is on it's way. Due out November 27, the album, titled 'STUDIO', is an ode to the place where Benny finds himself most comfortable, a word that originates from the Latin word ‘studium’, which stands for ‘studying'. In a sense, Benny's new album is a metaphor for his work as a masterful creator always working to perfect his craft.

From the album comes "Shoebox Money", a rare collaboration featuring soul crooner Mayer Hawthorne. How did it come about?

"We met in 2011 backstage when Mayer was performing in Amsterdam," Benny says. "I had heard he had mentioned me during an instore, and wanted to say hi. Been in touch ever since, and in 2012 supported him on his tour through Europe. After that we kept emailing ideas every once in a while, and so when I wrote "Shoebox Money" I felt this would be a perfect song for him to feature on. So worked on that together and it turned out pretty awesome.."

Listen to "Shoebox Money" above.