Lei di Dai, Ogi, Maurício Pereira, Tim Bernardes, Kiko Dinucci, Thomas Harres, Juçara Marçal, Rodrigo Coelho, Jessie Evans, Akilez

Pulsø 2015

​About 30 artists and producers from the Brazilian indie music scene gathered together at Red Bull Station in Sao Paulo for PULSØ2015. There they discussed the issues affecting musicians and the evolving scene, but the main objective of the workshops was to enable the integration, exchange and experience of music-making among a lot of people who make it happen everyday. So of course, collaboration was inevitable.

What came from moments of experimentation and exploration, a new sound and creative occupation born from numerous collaborations and partnerships now set in motion. To celebrate the second annual PULSØ​ event,  we released a compilation with tracks recorded at Red Bull Studios São Paulo during the first edition of the project.

 Hear the sounds that echoed through the halls and galleries of the Red Bull Station last year when Jamaican dancehall artist Lei Di Dai, the rhymes of Ogi and the experimentalism of Kiko Dinucci , Juçara Marcal and Thomas Harres came together for one killer mix. 

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