paris editor / September 15, 2016

Quand le wonderkid de la house nordique rencontre le plus coldwave des producteurs français ça donne un EP enregistré entièrement en analogique, au studio en une semaine. Explications et avant-première, en anglais s'il vous plaît.

French artist Marc Nguyen Tan released two renowned albums in the early 2003 and 2006 under the artist name Colder on Trevor Jackson’s seminal label Output Recordings. In november 2015, Colder returned after a decade in hiatus with his third, highly acclaimed album Many Colours followed by two other LPs titled The Rain and Goodbye in 2016. Kasper Bjorke is one of the most acclaimed and versatile producers and DJs hailing from Denmark. Kasper has released five renowned solo albums over the past decade and remixed a wide range of artists, from Rebolledo to Weval.

The two artists first started working together when Kasper remixed Colders single ”Your Kind” - and Colder in return remixed Bjørke´s track ”Marbled Blood”. The idea to take their collaboration even further was formed when the two of them met in person during Sonar Festival in Barcelona in 2015. In 2016 they then teamed up in the RedBull Studio in Paris for a three day improvised recording session.

The result is the Black Magic EP in stores on September 15th via Throne of Blood. A collection of five raw, driving post punk / new wave and techno influenced compositions, recorded via the studio SSL desk in Paris, using hardware synths and drum machines played through some exotic vintage effects. Colder recorded his mesmerizing vocals on the spot along with French drummer Julien Sabourin and saxophone player Thibaut Javoy. The EP will be followed by a stellar remix package from The Golden Filter (Optimo Music), Mutado Pintado (Paranoid London) and French producer and dj Pilooski.

Can you describe the song Real Slow from your forthcoming EP ?
Colder : A very simple pattern based on a kick / snare and bass played through different modulated stages, one being quite abstract, playing with resonances, envelopes and tonal changes, the other being much more melodic  and structured - so while listening to it, your'e going through this transition in between a certain form of chaos toward a more enlightened structured harmony - but really slowly !
Kasper Bjorke : ”Its the “softest” track on our five track EP. Its very moody and somehow almost jazzy, which I really love. Pilooski, a producer that both Marc and I really love, has made a remix of Real Slow which is coming out in October.

What was the process of writing the song in the studio ?
Kasper Bjorke : Real Slow was, as the entire EP, created during our sessions in Red Bull Studios Paris on a Elektron Octratrack, Moog Voyager and SH 101 synthesizers and some synths and efx - and then we had a great drummer and saxophone player who we recorded with and who really gave the whole EP a special and live vibe. Marc recorded his vocals very spontaneously in the studio - and I think the whole track has that special feeling of what was happening in that moment when we recorded the song.
Colder : Yeah - as Kasper said - it was jus about improvising with what we had - some drum machines and other electronic instruments, a great drummer - Julien Sabourin - an amazing saxophone player and sound engineer - Thibaut Javoy from Red Bull Studios Paris - giving a chance to a downtempo beat which could be danceable ….

How did your collaboration come about ?
Kasper Bjorke : We remixed eachothers tracks a while back - and after that we met in person during Sonar Festival in Barcelona and decided to try to make some music together.
It made sense to us to set up a session in a studio environment where we could be inspired and totally free to work, away from our homes, so the Red Bull Studio in Paris was the perfect get away, somewhere between Copenhagen where I live and Barcelona, where Marc lives.
Colder : We both like each other on a human and artistic level and felt the need to collaborate on something at some point. We have somehow different profiles but we're sort of complementary in some ways and this EP is the result of that. What I really appreciated in this collaboration is that both of us approached it with an open mind. We let each other do what we wanted while listening to each other at the same time.
Could you tell us one thing that came from this collaboration that inspired or influenced your own way of making music ?
Colder : The way I see it now - retrospectively - is that Kasper perhaps wanted something organic on a acoustic level - by mixing things up with acoustic instruments - while I was looking for an organic electronic sound by using certain types of modulations and synthesis. So we were looking for similar things but in different ways - thus a certain feeling of convergence / or convergence in feelings ...
Kasper Bjorke : It was the first time where I didnt use the computer for anything else than recording the music that we created on the analog equipment. I always start in the computer and then add analogue recordings later. Here we kept it completely analogue which was super inspiring and I have done that quite alot since our collaboration.

Vinyl out now on Throne of Blood Records, digital avilable on sept. 22nd.
Groove Distribution (US): http://www.groovedis.com/shop/product.php?productid=825253
Juno (UK): http://www.juno.co.uk/products/kasper-bjorke-colder-black-magic-ep/660798-01/
Phonica (UK): http://www.phonicarecords.com/product/kasper-bjorke-colder-black-magic-ep-pre-order-throne-of-blood/146829
Bandcamp for digital: https://kasperbjrkecolder.bandcamp.com/album/black-magic-ep
Beatport Preorder: https://www.beatport.com/release/black-magic-ep/2107519