Soundtrack to your week: Spank Rock

London Editor / December 15, 2014

In this series, we're asking our favourite acts what music they have to have in their ears to get them through the week. This week we're speaking to Baltimore's Spank Rock.

Waiting for a bus in the rain?
Robert Wyatt – At Last I Am Free. The key of this Robert Wyatt cover of Chic's At Last I Am Free is both gloomy and liberating. Perfect to get me through a rainy day.

Travelling on public transport?
Mos Def – Fear Not Of Man. The bass line of this song and march of the drum will have you speeding on the Metro looking at everyone around you like, "I wish a nigga would!" This song can help anybody conquer the hustle and bustle of the worlds largest cities. 

Working out?
Boys Noize – What You Want. I never work out but I imagine that if I wanted the hot bod of a Greek god I would get the hot bod of a Greek god simply by listening to this song and making a wish. Without ever actually lifting a finger. 

Waiting for someone in a bar/coffee shop/pub?
Blonde Redhead – Cat On A Tin Roof. Blonde Redhead's album Barragan is one of those rare albums you can play from from beginning to end. But if a friend is four minutes late you can put this song on and not get pissed.

Walking places?
Sly Stone – If It Were Left Up To Me. I love walking to this song – it's a swift optimistic kick in the ass. 

Driving somewhere?
William de Vaughn – Be Thankful For What You Got. No explanation needed, I think most people in the world would agree with me that this is the best song to drive to. 

Getting ready to go out? 
Shamir – If It Wasn't True. This song is at a nice 120bpm that will have you doing a two step in your underwear, while you moisturise, and spray on some dyptique perfume. 

Dancing in your living room? 
David Bowie – Stay. This is one of my all time favorite songs to dance to but it will never be heard out in the club and could be embarrassing to dance to in front of the wrong company. So I prefer to dance to it alone in my living room. 

House party banger? 
Keedy Black – Rock My World. One of my all time favourite New Orleans bounce songs at a house party will make the walls sweat and possible get you some head in the coat closet.

When someone comes back to yours? 
Prince – If I Was Your Girlfriend. Sexiest song of all time. Weird enough to not be so blatant as Marvin Gaye's Lets Get It On. No matter if you're trying to f*ck a boy or a girl, this adrogynous pantie dropper is the only song for me. 

The morning after the night before?
George Michael – One More Try. Epicly depressing. Sing along, missing every note at the top of your lungs and reflect on the love that just walked out your door.

Listen to Spank Rock's Soundtrack right here

Spank Rock's brand new EP, The Upside, is out now on Bad Blood Records/Boysnoize Records now. 

Photo credit: Sean Maung