Red Bull Studio Collectives

London Editor / October 08, 2014

From this October 'til January next year, Red Bull Studios will be exhibiting the collaborations of ten artists from very different disciplines. Collectives will see a fashion photographer, a filmmaker, an architectural designer, an artist, a digital artist, an illustrator, a choreographer and a writer combining their creative talents in new and innovative ways. And it's all free for you to come and see.

The purpose of the project is getting up and coming talent to reach a wider audience while learning from their collaborative experience. Here's how it's all going to pan out...

Oct 17 - 31: The first exhibition, Plastica, will present the work of photographer James Stopforth and architectural designer Rain Wu . The project is based on Wu’s concept of a new city borough made entirely of its own recycled plastic. Pulling key moments from Wu’s designs, Stopforth has developed her ideas by building sets animated by characters who might live in this fictional and synthetic world.

Nov 7 -16: Visual artist Sang Woo Kim and writer Darius G Rodrigues will exhibit their collaborative work which aims to, 'conduct a new conversation examining illuminations of the ordinary in painting, poetry and product'.

Nov 22: Filmmaker Laura Falconer, who has worked extensively with fashion photographer Nick Knight, is working with Olivier Award winning choreographer Russell Maliphant to produce a film exploring the theme of fashion in movement. The film will be shown at Red Bull Studios, London.

Dec 9th, 15th (private view 4th Dec): Fragment | Reflect is a collaboration between Light/Text Artist, Elisa Artesero and Photographer/Film Maker, Layla Sailor. The exhibition combines their two disciplines into a large-scale installation. Layla will create a surrealist-inspired film that will be fragmented and reflected into the space by Elisa’s mirror poetry. Visitors who walk around the installation will become a part of it as they further fragment the work.  

Jan 16 - 23: The final exhibition will explore 'still and moving image as well as sound, with interactive elements'. The work is a collaboration between Berlin-based digital artist, Juan Hurle and illustrator and graphic designer, Becky Baier

To come to any of these exhibitions/screenings, please RSVP here stating which show you'd like to see. 

All of the shows will be at the Red Bull Studios on Tooley St in London.