Watch: State of Global Electronic Music CTEMF Workshops Day 3

Join Kavir Magan of Pulse Radio and The Association For Electronic Music alongside Pierre-Marie Oullion from Nuits Sonores and Jesler Amerins (whose clients include ADE and Ultra Festival SA) as they chat and answer questions about the business of the global electronic music industry and where South Africa fits into the equation.

From the state of electronic music in Europe and how they got there, to identifying  what makes South African music and electronic music in particular so unique, the panel discuss the opportunities arising for South African musicians abroad and possible ways of taking advantage of them. Identifying issues such as the fact that it took decades in Europe before authorities started taking electronic music seriously as a part of contemporary arts, but noting that now electronic musicians are as big as pop stars, the three discuss how South Africa can build itself to take advantage of the electronic music economy.

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