Watch: Dave Clarke's Story CTEMF Workshops Day 3

British producer, DJ and radio presenter Dave Clarke, also known as 'The Baron of Techno' has been interested in music and technology since he was a young child. After running away from home at the age of 15 he worked many odd jobs in order to make ends meet and reach his goal of making a career out of music. With his first DJ gigs at a roller disco, he would go on to release his first single on XL Recordings in 1990.

In this session for the CTEMF Open End Workshops he talks about the many genres that influenced his sound, how his early records were produced and how he finds that the difference between DJing and writing comes down to instinct vs intellect. Sharing why he is more comfortable at 130BPM than at slower tempos and why he feels like he is giving back to the scene with his White Noise radio show, the discussion reveals the thought processes of one of Techno's legendary producers.

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