Watch: Coldcut CTEMF Open End Workshop Day 2

Beginning their story in the late 70s, the English electronic music duo Coldcut composed of Matt Black and Jonathan More share their journey that led them to become a production duo that pioneered pop sampling in the 80s to founders of the independent record label Ninja Tune in the early 90s and help push leftfield genre’s such as trip hop and the careers of many heavy weights in electronic music from Amon Tobin to Bonobo, Cinematic Orchestra and Mr. Scruff to name a few.

From the early days throwing parties in warehouse in the 80s to how their single ‘People Hold On’ was a product of chance and how Eric B didn’t like what they had done to his beat on their remix of Rakim’s ”‘Paid in Full’, the session was intimate and full of Coldcut and Ninja Tune secrets. Speaking about their signing criteria for Ninja Tune, it boiled down to fellow oddballs that are able to express their individuality through music rather than producing “McDance”.

​With a career in music that spans 3 decades, their continued love for music and desire to work with interesting people has meant that avenues for impactful, independent electronic music still exist and in inspires others to do the same.