Watch: A Discussion With Jullian Gomes and Kid Fonque CTEMF Workshops Day 3

Join Kid Fonque and Jullian Gomes as they talk about their path in music which would lead to them co-founding their independent record label Stay True Sounds just over a year ago. From Kid Fonque's early days as a record store employee to DJ, label-manager, party organiser, producer and most recently radio DJ, his roots lie in everything from soul, funk, bossa-nova, house and hip-hop. Taking us through his journey from DJ to producer and now label co-founder, Jullian Gomes talks about how his cousin got him into mid-tempo and they started the the G Family together which would eventually lead him to deep house via influences such as Glenn Lewis, Vinnie Da Vinci & DJ Fresh.

From the state of South Africa's underground to the fact that what we call deep house in South Africa is too deep for overseas, the two share valuable first hand knowledge of the industry. Discussing how Stay True Sounds was started from a shared passion for representing forward thinking music, that it isn't a platform for only one type of sound and that you don't start a label to make money, the session was eye opening and particularly helpful for upcoming musicians.

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