Mixing & Mastering with Ryan Sullivan: Vocal Delay

Watch to see how adding subtle delay to vocals helps them sit comfortably in the mix.

Behind the Track: Blanka Mazimela - Phezulu (Get Physical Music)

Watch as Blanka Mazimela shares the story behind his track 'Phezulu'; how he put it together and what it means to him.

Mixing & Mastering with Ryan Sullivan: Sidechain Compression

Watch to see how you can use sidechain compression to tighten up your mix in this quick mixing and mastering tip with studio engineer Ryan Sullivan.

Watch: A Discussion With Jullian Gomes and Kid Fonque CTEMF Workshops Day 3

Join Kid Fonque and Jullian Gomes as they talk about their path in music which would lead to them co-founding their independent label Stay True Sounds

Watch: Dave Clarke's Story CTEMF Workshops Day 3

Join Dave Clarke as he talks about his early days in techno, the many genres that influenced his sound & his advice for aspiring producers.

Watch: State of Global Electronic Music CTEMF Workshops Day 3

Watch 3 experts on the global electronic music industry talk about its current state and the role South Africa plays in it.

Watch: Track Production with 021 Records CTEMF Workshops Day 3

Watch DJ Fosta and DJ OD of 021 Records produce a track with the help of workshop attendees featuring soulful vocals and a tight verse from the crowd.

Watch: Coldcut CTEMF Open End Workshop Day 2

Watch Coldcut take us through their career as production duo and heads of Ninja Tunes that pushed the sound of independent electronic music.

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