Digital Sangoma

Villager At Heart

Originally from the Eastern Cape Mandisi Mafu better known as Digital Sangoma has been producing music since 2008 although he launched the Digital Sangoma identity in late 2016 with his first performance at CTEMF 2017. Describing his sound as African Dance Music it combines soulful vocals, chanting, traditional Xhosa rhythms and West African melodies with undertones of electronic synth and elements of kwaito and Afro-Beats.

‘Villager at Heart’ is a 3-track EP produced at Red Bull Studios which serves as an introduction to the work of Digital Sangoma. Having rediscovered his roots, he incorporates these elements into his music. As Digital Sangoma, Mandisi finally has found his ‘sound’, bringing together the various influences that have shaped him from growing up in the Eastern Cape to contemporary music. 

The EP ‘Villager at Heart’ is set during the same time and place in the Eastern Cape where he grew, but each tell a different story. “When We Were Younger” tells the story of a young, naive boy who is full of dreams and ambition to conquer the world, while “Intombi Zasekhaya (Homegirl)” celebrates beautiful ladies of all shapes and sizes who carry themselves with an aura of confidence, dignity and pride in their heritage. Finally, “Xasixhentsa” is another song in celebration of African women. The songs gets its' name from a traditional dance performed by women, which is said to mesmerise and entrance their audience and features Amilca Mezarati and Don Skillito.

Combining the traditional with the contemporary Digital Sangoma creates a sound that is unique and very much his own. Having found his feet and his sound, keep yours ears and eyes on Digital Sangoma.

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