Red Bull Studio Cape Town Guest DJ Mix 008: SURAJ

After making his debut in Nairobi, SURAJ has emerged as a dynamic, trailblazing DJ/Producer in East Africa. Since then, he has set his sights on becoming a beacon in Africa's burgeoning electronic music scene. In just a matter of time his music and live shows have become a fixture for fans and artists alike and made his talents and captivating personality known to many on the continent and around the world. As he continues to shine and become even more sought-after, SURAJ is honing his skills and making every release and performance better than the last.

"The mix below is a musical snapshot of some of the music Nairobi is dancing to at the moment. Featuring in the mix also is Djeff Afrozila's remix of my latest single "Bana Bana" with Max Doblhoff & Alai K out now on Moblack Records. I hope you enjoy. " SURAJ

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