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Between music production, graphic design and modeling, GinaJeanz keeps herself busy with her many talents. Born in Namibia but based in South Africa the young producer fuses musical influences from her childhood with future beats creating a nostalgic yet fresh sound. We spoke to her about how she get her start in production, the many influences apparent on her first EP, how her sound has changed since then and the tracks she put together for this release.

​How did you get your start in production?
I played the violin and my teacher really inspired me. She would tell me about the structure of the instrument and everything. Reading the notes I thought someone sat down and composed this, I wanna make music. It just came to me like a bug. My cousin studied in the UK, he did sound engineering. I remember going over to their house and he was making music. I freaked out and said that’s what I wanted to do. From that day on I was at his house every weekend, just sitting, not even touching or asking questions, just watching him. He gave me the program (Fruity Loops) but told me I’d have to come every week and show him what I’d made. I went home and I made the wackest beat of my life. I showed him and he told me to go back and for a good year I never impressed him, he just told me to go back. I think he did that to train me to be self critical in my music.

What made you decide to experiment with a lot of different sounds on your first EP?
One thing I’ve always told myself is that I don’t want to be one thing or box myself into one specific genre. I grew up on different music, mostly r&b, I think the melodic influences come from that. But I’ve always told myself to just figure out my being and who I am. So with that EP I decided to draw inspiration from different sounds that I grew up on. I know I’m not an expert, but just borrowing from the different genres and making my own music, that fulfills me in the long run. It’s like a blank canvas and then splash with paint voila abstract art. You can’t really say what it is, but it’s art.

How has your sound evolved since then?
When I listen back to my EP obviously I want to do something even better. I don’t sound the same like I did last year or the year before that. If you hear my 2008 projects you will hear my growth and I think that’s the most important thing for me. Growth in every way and just maintaining a learning mindset for me, that’s important. I think it’s just a constant journey through the universe, is there really an end? We don’t know. So that’s how I treat my process.

Can you tell me a bit about the tracks you’re releasing?
​One I did three years ago. It was a vocal chop and I then I just made a beat around the vocal sample. The other one, I listen to Ciara’s album last year and I got the vocals for ‘Overdose’ and then once again I built a beat around the parts I’d taken out. The other beat I did at Red Bull Studio. Also found a few elements and built a beat around them. They’re very thumpy. And loud. I’m actually a very soft person, so my music is always the complete opposite. It’s an 808 experience if I had to put it like that. With melodies.

What does the year ahead hold?
I’m hoping to really simplify my life. Try and focus on music as much as I possibly can. I’ve been doing my own research with Red Bull Academy and was like wow this is something I want to be a part of. I want to learn. I want to be part of a community that speaks my language. I really want to connect more with the industry in South Africa and really collaborate with people. I think I also just want get advice and be with people that can advise me on what I should do, whether I should get into playing my music live or whatever the case may be. So working on that and just getting into it.

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