GIRLS 2: The Love EP

We chatted to Jackie Queens last year when she released her track, called GIRLS, featuring Deslynn Malotana and Bonj Mpanza (of theCITY). The track also dropped on Women’s Day and tapped into issues relating to body shaming, policing the bodies of women and the realities of being a woman in a society where you’re often told to how to go about simply being.

This year Queens is back with a new body of work. GIRLS 2: The Love EP and features some seriously talented artists from Cape Town. The EP talks about love and the various forms it takes: the good, the bad, the broke and even the ugly. GIRLS 2: The EP was initiated by Queens and recorded at Red Bull Studios.

What you’re hearing on this EP is each artist’s unique interpretation of what love is or was and what it might become. The EP features Lana Crowster, Andy Mkosi, Deslynn Malotana and Shannonn Devy, who is one-half of queer alt-pop duo Lo-ghost.

Hit us up with some words of wisdom on love? Says Queens: “People always say that you have that one person, but I really think there’s room to love more than one person at various times of your life and at the same time, but differently.” She adds that being able to see love in that way frees you up as a person and changes the type of perception you have about how entitled you are to the affection of another person. You can love somebody in a way that allows you both to feel free, where the form the love takes is up to the people involved. Fact is, love isn’t supposed to make you feel trapped or that something is owed to you.

Girls 2: The Love EP is something you’re going to want to listen to while sitting down. Naturally, it’s a highly emotive EP, but not in the cliché sense you might anticipate. It’s raw and honest. Queens explains that each track offers something unique and that what made it really special is the process that went into actually producing each track. The joy is in the doing and making the best out of situations that require improvisation – certainly in life as it is in love – not knowing what comes next is half the fun.

If you’re keen to see these talented artists perform their tracks live, make sure you keep your night free on Thursday, 17 August, where you can catch the launch of GIRLS 2: The Love EP.

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​Written by Celeste Jacobs