Red Bull BC One Champions Exhibition

  • Date

    3 August, 2017

  • Location

    103B Bree Street

  • Time

    18:00 to 22:00

  • address

    103B Bree Street

Over the past decade Red Bull BC One has become part of the South African B-Boy community's DNA and has seen some of the country's greatest breakers, such as B-Boy Benny and B-Boy The Curse, compete in the prestigious global final.

This year Cape Town's B-Boy Meaty won the South African Cypher to claim his spot in the Red Bull BC One finals in Amsterdam in November this year.

We present a selection of photos by Wayne Reich and Tyrone Bradley from the past year's BC-One South African finals as props to all those who have made BC-One a staple part of SA's vibrant, spirited dance community.

Make sure to head over to on the 4th of November 2017 to watch the global final from Amsterdam and root for B-Boy Meaty.