OppiKoppi 23: Me now, the Mango Picker

  • Date

    5 til 8 October, 2017

  • Location


  • Time

    12:15 AM to 12:140 AM

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Haaaaaallllooo South Africa! We were up, we were down, but verily we are around. And buying rounds. We were quiet but now we have a whole lot to say: 3 Big chunks of news from the dusty little tune settlement we all love. And then some smallanyana titbits for the truly interested.

Big Fact # 1: The theme for OppiKoppi 23: “Me now the mango Picker”
Theme: Inspired by a strangely beautiful tune by Carlo Mombelli, bass jazz maestro who many people claim are one of the world’s finest. (We have been saying that for years.).
And then on to the art: Pretty ne? Keeping up the gruff rock inspired festival’s support for the fine arts, this year we chose Banele Khoza. A painting to launch a ship with. Or of course a sun drenched rock festival.
Design: Marette Koorts.

Big Fact #2 - Date move: After 23 years, OppiKoppi is moving to the first week of October.
This was not a smallanyana decision.
When we started the rock music loving hedonistic bar parties in 1994 we were like adult little kids and did not know what we were doing. (Many people think OppiKoppi started big, like a giraffelette. But that was not the case. Small crazy wild bar parties for 100s of people (Everything you heard is probably true), gradually grew to the annual tune pilgrimage it is today.). Happily we still act like adult kids who don’t know what we are doing: hence this dive into our next massive crazy tactical move of date. Over the years OppiKoppi has become a South African benchmark festival on the international calendar, and 2016 just made it super clear that we had to be outside of the European summer calendar if we did want a long term festival with a strong and relevant South African and international lineup. And keep growing. Moving the festival also opens up a few alluring cooperation opportunities which makes a great deal of sense for SA bands, crews and fans. (more news soon).

Big Fact # 3 - OppiKoppi and Rocking the Daisies to
collaborate on artist selection.
After a few key conversations in Saxonwold shebeens and other less powerful moonshine canteens, both festivals realised that there was a loooooong good music laden road to be trodden if they collaborate. This could potentially be very powerful in years to come. Working together saves tears and South African rands. Both festivals are in the middle of management and renewal processes but in time we think this can really become the biggest single weekend of tunes on the Southern African music calendar. Bring them tunes closer so we can bite and/or kiss them.

​Visit oppikoppi.co.za for more info and to buy tickets.