Art House

  • Date

    4 September, 2014

  • Location

    Red Bull Studios Cape Town

  • Time

    19:00 AM to 21:00 AM

  • address

    Red Bull Studios Cape Town 103 B Bree Str. 8001 Cape Town

Art House, as the title suggests, is a celebration of individuality, identity and an independent spirit. Central to this theme is the mask, which is ironic since masks are objects that hide identity. However, there is truth in the saying that ‘the world is a stage and we are all actors in it’. When we step out the door and engage with the real world, our ‘true face’ often becomes a mask in itself, revealing and hiding aspects of our personality depending on who our ‘spectators’ are.

It is within this context that Art House approaches the mask as a cultural, social and art object.

A group of 15 independently-minded artists from diverse disciplines have been invited to create a mask that reflects an aspect of their inner spirit. This places a spin on the idea of a mask as a form of disguise. Instead, the mask becomes a hallmark badge of individual self-expression, a window into the character and personality of the person behind the mask. It takes over the role as the ‘true face’ of the wearer, who would often disguise his/her true self in the real world without an artificially produced mask.

The mask, when worn, connects them with their inner spirit (a significant reason for the mask’s existence) and gives a true reflection of an aspect of themselves to those (spectators from the real world) who view them. 

The contributing artists are: Brett Charles Seiler, Chloe Hugo-Hamman, Crystal Birch,  Danielle Clough, Henry Maritz, Katherine-Mary Pichulik, Kim Gush, Lara Klawikowski, Laura Windvogel, Leanie van der Vyver, Lucie de Moyencourt, Nicola Vlok, Rosie Mudge, Stiaan Louw, Zakirah Rabaney.

All contributors have been photographed by Kent Andreasen.

Card on Spokes, Fever Trails and JNN KPN compliment the art element with music while Fiancé Knowles brings everything together with a VJ performance.

The project has been conceptualised, curated and realised by Capsule Projects, with the support of Red Bull Studios Cape Town and Eristoff Vodka.