To come across a 22-year-old who possesses a gift of lyrical formulation, but also a skill and work ethic beyond his years, is very rare. This combination is what draws stark attention to Cape Town Hip Hop rapper, Youngsta.

His aspirations were ignited at the age of 12, where he wrote and recorded his first track in the same year. Come 2012, he was armed with over twenty-four mixtapes and the "King of Street Rap" crown. He was invited to collaborate and record with hip hop statesmen Tumi Molekane and Reason at Red Bull Music Studios Cape Town. A little while later, he met up with DJ Hamma at the studio and in a matter of weeks they came out with a limited original 9 track EP tilted “Dollar$ and White Pipes“. Thereafter, he recorded a seven track EP, 21 Y?rs Ahead of Time, in just five days and weeks later he began working towards a third EP titled Young in the City in conjunction with Gamecity Productions. Fr3eze Time is the last Mixtape compilation Youngsta will be giving the pubic before his much anticipated studio album titled 3T l Things Take Time. 

Youngsta’s ability to experiment between a variety of genres, while remaining true to his hip hop roots, makes him one of the most dynamic up-and-coming artists in the industry and SA.