Johannesburg born and based Producer and Computer Scientist Wildebeats is a jack of many trades. Having begun his musical career focused on rap and rap production, his later work has seen him take these influences to new, bombastic places.

Although he was raised in the East Rand of Gauteng, Mohato Lekena only really came into his musical self after moving to Cape Town to study. Joining the nascent Hip Hop Club at UCT, he was able to both hone his ear for rap as well as meet future collaborators and influences at weekly cipher sessions.

Once he began producing beats as apposed to only looking to perform over them, he took on the Wildebeats moniker and a whole new electronic world opened up. From co-founding the collective glowLDB and co-hosting the video blog party Aperture with fellow producers, to becoming a resident DJ at local underground clubs, the wealth of performance experience he gained on the Cape Shores allowed him to move beyond them.

Wildebeats has earned slots at both local and international festivals such as Oppikoppi and Roundhouse Rising in London.

Currently back in his homeland of Gauteng, he is constantly on the lookout for new collaborative partners and opportunities to expand his craft - returning to pure rap production whilst at the same time remaining an active member of the Jhb bass scene.

Only time, or a talented psychic, can tell what will be next.

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