Thibo Tazz

Thibo Tazz is Cape Town's ambassador of deep dark Afro house. He balances his use of “true” house influenced bass-lines and throbbing African style drum-lines with a more subversive brooding sound, bordering on techno – a sonically-infused explosion which can be felt in every offering.

This is Thibo’s secret weapon, his incredibly eclectic reference palette, not confined to one sound or idea, but rather marrying all the qualities that mesh together to form his own perfect version of house.

Because of these attributes and his un-ending pursuit of quality, Thibo was selected to participate at the Red Bull Music Academy in Barcelona in 2008, an accomplishment held in supremely high regard the world over.

Since then he has gone on to become a local deep-house stalwart, ever active as a DJ and producer gigging around the city regularly. In 2012 he was chosen to curate and mix Soul Candi's Deep House Chronicles 8, South Africa's most prestigious deep house mix series, an acknowledgment of his hard-work and talent.