Nonkululeko Phiri is a Cape Town-based songstress. Most commonly known for her collaboration with Crazy White Boy on Ghetto Tech, Nonku Phiri is a force to be reckoned with.

Having collaborated with the likes of Mr. Carmack & Branko, PHFat, Card on Spokes, Okmalumkoolkat and Jack Parrow, her broad range of influences and styles is apparent. She is expressive, versatile and able to jump between genres, including Soul, Hip Hop and Electronic rhythms, at ease to create a range of fantastic music. “I’d describe myself as an experimental artist I guess. I don’t like boxing myself in or following any formula, so whatever comes out, it’s organically put together based on what I’m experimenting with” she says. 

​Whether it is rapping with Mike from P.H.Fat as JungFreud or performing solo, she's always fresh, innovative and keen to try new things. Her debut single Things We Do On The Weekend released in early 2015 is a testament to that. Combining an infectious energy, unmistakeable style and unique sound, Nonku is an artist on the rise.