King Bruce

In 2014 King Bruce was a little known DJ from Durban, playing at small clubs around the city and teaching himself to producing deep house. Encouraged by fellow Durban artist, Em Ex, he applied for the Red Bull Music Academy in Tokyo and out of thousands of entries was accepted to attend.

Since attending the Academy, King Bruce's vision of house music has really begun to take shape and become clear to the world. This is best exemplified by the story of how "My First Walk", an EP released on Vega Records this year, came to be, told by Louie Vega himself:

"When I was touring in Japan, I was in Tokyo and Carl Craig invited me to the RBMA Studios, I asked him if I could record a musician from Japan (Hajime Yoshisawa) on one of my new album tracks. He invited me into the studio and when I was recording he asked me if he could bring in a few of the Red Bull Music Academy students and King Bruce was one of the students who came in for a few minutes to meet me.

King Bruce later told Louie 'when Mr Carl Craig called me to meet someone I never in my wildest dreams thought it was going to be you!

When I walked in seeing you so passionate about music, I knew I wanted to do this for the rest of my life. Carl Craig told me to let that be my motivation and it definitely motivated me, Thank you'.

Louie remembers how excited and ambitious King Bruce was, “at the Red Bull Music Academy’s studio in Tokyo, Bruce gave me his contact info and said he wanted to send me some music. A few weeks later, I checked for him and found him on Facebook, he sent music and the rest was history”. Louie signed a few of the tracks which have now become King Bruce - My First Walk.

Louie also said, ​"The response speaks for itself, every time I've played a track from this EP the dance floor erupts and DJs start looking over my shoulder to read the IDs. Johannesburg, Italy, London, it didn't matter where I was, the crowd just went wild!"

Parralel to the leaps and bounds in his production, King Bruce's DJ sets are beautiful to behold. Steady, driving and genuinely deep, his set at the Red Bull Studio Live Stage at Oppikoppi this year was one of the stage's highlights.