FI$H has been described, rather aptly, as a prolific producer. He has been releasing fresh music on a regular basis since 2012 and DJ'ing since 2010.

He has an appreciation for a wide range of music and he has crafted a sound that can best be described as a blend of Hip-Hop, Disco, Breaks and Soulful sounds. 

FI$H is a regular at Fiction's Untamed Youth in Long Street, Cape Town, and audiences have enjoyed his forward-thinking sets at the Mystic Boer in Stellenbosch, where he also performs regularly. Along with these, he has brought his vibe to Dansville in Durbanville, The Assembly in Cape Town and numerous other events in the wider Cape Town area.

2014 saw FI$H release his first EP which included a collaboration with Cape Town based beat-maker, WiLDEBEATS. He also worked on a creation with Johannesburg based producer, Vox Portent which was featured on Tomorrow Never Happened's Youtube channel. FI$H also graced 5FM's Ultimix in 2011 (under his previous alias) and his music is regularly featured on Assembly's "New Music Monday" blog posts.

FI$H strives to be a vital part of Cape Town & South African electronic music, as well as to gain international recognition.