Daev Martian

Dave Moyo, also known by his alias Daev Martian, is a producer/artist/DJ from Johannesburg . Daev has been around music for virtually all of his life due to the fact that his father is an apt Jazz Bass Guitarist. His music career was stirred up when, at a best friends house, he learned how to use DAW's for making music, this sparked an interest and lead him onto making instrumentals everyday from 2009 until now.

During his final year in high school he managed to convince his parents to buy studio equipment for recording.While still consistently making instrumentals, Daev also began writing to his own instrumentals  because he was not incline with how most local artists were portraying themselves in their lyrics. This lead to recording his own music as a hobby, as well as recording with fellow friends. Daev and Thomas Hazardous began recording their first self-released mixtape, Planet Marz, toward the end of 2011 and released it on 04 February 2012. After the release of his first mixtape with Thomas Hazardous he realised that music was the direction he was headed towards.

On 20 April 2014 GuerrillaKingMusic released a mixtape on SoundCloud titled '#2 The Mixtape', a collective mixtape which featured the resident artists and producers of the label of which Daev was involved in. On the very same day they performed at the 420 festival held annually in Johannesburg, where they shared a stage with a number of local acts (Tidal Waves, DeepFriedMan etc.).   2015 had been a progressive year for Daev Martian. He released a single titled “Allow Me” featuring UK based poet Nancy available on iTunes. He released his debut music video titled “The World” on youtube. Another release was his free EP titled “ UmSindo Wam’ ” on SoundCloud. He also managed to release his first official EP under the California based indie label Goldie Records with his second music video titled ‘ETYM’ directed by himself. His single ‘Graphite to Paper’ (Laputa II) made it to #1 on  the Yfm Hot 99 Dubstep Chart.

The second EP for 2015 titled "GEARS", released with the Australian label Gentle Records was a turning point for him as it got the attention of international acts such as Mac Miller as well as Steve Lacy & Jameel Bruner (The Internet - band) . This project consists of 5 tracks that resemble the progression of life. Each song is its own 'gear'. All songs were written, recorded and produced by himself.   Since then Daev has been gigging more often as well as working on multiple collaborations and projects for 2016 with South Africa based label Stay True Sounds. He is also working on a project with Red Bull Studios in Cape Town. As this journey continues Daev Mart continues to receive more airplay in countries abroad and slowly growing a local following.

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