Bilderberg Motel

Bilderberg Motel first came about as a meeting of minds and a shared passion for 60’s music and psychedelic rock ‘n roll but soon morphed into something a little further with each additional member bringing something new to the party. Some brought the blues, some brought folk, some brought country and some brought punk. The end result of this somewhat complicated recipe is a sound they think of as their take on Americana, a sloppy mix of various genres stemming from their revivalist intentions.

As a band Bilderberg Motel have built their fan base by gigging. They started off as an acoustic act with a tambourine player holding down the rhythm section but as their sound grew they hooked up with a drummer and took off from there with word of mouth bringing new people to every show. Within a relatively short time they amassed an impressive CV of gigs at venues and festivals like The Assembly, Waiting Room, Mercury Live, Ragazzi, Zula Bar, RAMfest and Rocking The Daisies. They’ve recorded three EP’s, the first being a rough acoustic collection of their first songs recorded in a bedroom and the second a 5 track live recording done at Kill City Blues with George Van Der Spuy.

In keeping with their DIY approach and love of analogue sound they recorded their first full-length album “Lorien” live on 8-track tape. Released on July 31st 2013 the album has been well received in SA as well as all over the world. The album is available through Bandcamp and they’ve found a large percentage of downloads originating in the US and Europe with tracks getting featured in numerous compilations in both of those territories along with positive write-ups and reviews on numerous blogs and in local music magazines. The third EP is set to drop soon and was recorded at Red Bull Studios in Cape Town.

Bilderberg Motel intend to keep building on their body of work by continually writing new tracks and exploring the sounds that got them started in the first place. They’re currently in song-writing mode and have new material in the works.

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