Summer Time Q&A with Kid Fonque

November 02, 2015

We caught up with Kid Fonque to hear what he has to say about his Summer Edition Mix and the upcoming First Thursday at Red Bull Studios Cape Town.

You recently released a mix for Red Bull Studios Cape Town with your favourite summer tunes. How did you go about curating what went into the mix?

Kid Fonque: Ah, I love mix tapes, it's one of my favourite things, telling a story over the period of an hour or so.  The brief from Red Bull was to do a Summer mix to launch the new Red Bull flavour and do what I do, which is what I hopefully did.  I have a very broad taste in music and I tried to cover a few genres in an hour and include all my musical mates, whichI think I've accomplished; got some hip hop, house, soul, jazz, bass and other bits all in the mix.

Quite a few tracks on the mix are collaborations with other artists. How does that process compare to working solo?

KF: I have always loved working with friends and some of the tunes come off my album 'Kid Fonque & Friends'.  I still geek and am a big fan of most of the dudes so grab the opportunity to work with them when it comes up.  I am the sample guy so when i do things solo, it usually takes me ages to complete a tune where as with partner we get on with the work much quicker.  I have been working with D-Malice on a full album due out in 2016.

What's one track that didn't make the mix, but you'd have like to include?

KF: There were a few but I was pretty upset when I couldn't secure Swindle's Summer Fruit track.

You'll be hosting First Thursday at Red Bull Studios Cape Town this month. What can we look forward to?

KF: Yeah, I am pretty excited.  I am going to explore my music folders and cover all bases.  I have 3 hours, so nothing planned and will see what comes out.  I am sure we are all going to have loads of fun.

What else is coming up in the Kid Fonque calendar?

KF: Finishing touches to D-Malice and my album, which is almost done now, Launching a new label which will have more info in the next week or 2, a new single with remixes from Lay-Far, edit project with friend Jonny Miller, gigs and spending lots of time with my beautiful son Finn.

​Listen to Kid Fonque Presents Red Bull Summer Edition below and catch him this Thursday at the Studios. More info here.