Spotlight on: Dwson

February 23, 2017

With releases on Just Move Records, DeepWit and more to come, Capetonian producer Dwson has started to make an impact in the local deep house scene. Soulful and deep, he refuses to be tied to one style of house and his productions cover a range of sub-genres. We talked to him about his beginnings, influences and what he’s been working on at Red Bull Studios.

How did you get your start in music?
I think music was in me. I’ve been surrounded by quality music. My father played jazz music. Every party that I went to when I was younger they were playing jazz music. Soulful music. I think I’m born with it. I’ve been banging on everything that I could find, tupperware basically anything I’d be banging and try to make a rhythm.

...and production?
The interest in production came after school. I’d been playing other people’s stuff and I thought instead of collecting other people’s music why not create your own. That’s where the interest started, being tired of other people’s music.

When did you release your first track?
My first track was released in 2015 under the label called DeepWit Recordings. It’s a label based in Denmark. The guy that owns it is Alvaro Hylander and I’ve been looking up to him for years. I still remember when I inboxed him like ‘Yo I dig your label and hopefully in a few years time I can like release something on the label’ and then a year later I released on his label.

Who influences you as a producer?
As a producer I’m influenced by a lot of people that are not just in house music. Guys from Soulection, Mr Carmack, Evil Needle, I listen to a whole lot of Soulection. With house music, definitely Jullian Gomes, Atjazz, Detroit Swindle, Days Dolls, Alex Sousa, I can just go on.

What kind of sounds are you drawn to and are trying to create?
I’m into soulful, more deep tech sounds. I like those 5th sounds. Anything soul. If it has soul, it’s good.

So you’re drawn to the local house sound?
The local guys are actually doing a lot of damage. Most of my sets are based on local artists. I get promos and shit and I play their stuff out and it does a lot of damage. Even my own stuff, when I play it the response compared to the guys that I look up to, it’s crazy, sometimes it surpasses those guys. That’s always an overwhelming experience when you’re playing at live gigs. You spend so much time and hours in this music thing and to see that it does pay off in the end, it means a lot.

Can you tell me about your releases?
I’ve released on JMR, which is like my family, I have so many releases out on them. I’ve done a couple of remixes for JMR. Then DeepWit, So Many Music and Cruel Section with Dunn Kidda. This year I’m going to be doing stuff for more labels, I’m going to expand and try something different things.

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