Spotlight on: Cynic Laperto

May 10, 2017

Mixing all kinds of genres with his verses, Cynic Laperto is a young rapper from Khayelitsha who forms part of the Interkasinal crew spearheaded by Sibah Anne. Founded in 2012, Interkasinal is a platform for young artists to showcase their talent alongside more established acts. Featuring on each other's tracks, Cynic Laperto will be joining Sibah Anne as they take Interkasinal around the country. We spoke to him to find out how he got his start in rap, his inspirations, his role in Interkasinal and what he's been working on in studio.

What kind of music did you grow up with?
My father used to listen to African music and my mother was into Gospel. So I grew up with a lot of different kinds of music. My sister was into r&b and then I got into hip hop. I’ve got all of that in my head, so it’s easy to something different.

Who was the first rapper that really grabbed you?
That’s easy, it was Eminem who grabbed me. His music is different from other rappers. I like new styles. Each and every song I do, I do with a new style. I don’t do one flow. I change my style and develop everything I do. That’s why I like Eminem.

How did you meet Sibah Anne and become part of Interkasinal?
Sibah Anne was having a session in Nyanga. So I spoke to him and said I want to perform at his session. He took me there and we became close friends. He took me to other gigs, showed me the love of hip hop, which I didn’t really know because I was staying in the rural areas and it’s not easy to come this side. Sibah Anne took me to other places where I performed, met other rappers and producers, and that’s how it started.

What do you like to rap about?
I like to talk about myself because most rappers talk about something or someone else, and if you do that people think you’re a fan of that. So that’s why I like to talk about me: How I grew up in the rural areas, gangsters, girls, getting drunk, all that shit. Real life.

What have you been recording in studio?
The track I’ve been working on is about a situation where if I gave you money, and you’re my close friend, to buy us and some girls drinks and you don’t come back. We’re talking about that and how I want my money back. That’s the second track we’ve recorded. The first one is called ‘Down on my Knees’. I’m praying to God to give me the strength to do this.

What’s next for you and Interkasinal?
We’re going to be travelling around the country. We’re busy organising that now. That’s why Sibah Anne and I are doing features together, so we can perform together.

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