Spotlight on: Corbon Amodio

September 30, 2016

19 year old, Cape Town based producer Corbon Amodio soulful vocals and deep bass combine to form a powerful and infectious sound that is reminiscent of James Blake. While working on his new EP in Studio B, we took him aside to learn a bit more about this upcoming producer.

How did you get started in production?
I started about 5 years ago by messing around and just remixing things, cutting up songs and putting different parts together. I then go my first music software which was FL Studio, it kinda feels like home to me, so still using it but probably I’ll change to Ableton one day. It started off with me making EDM and electro house. Every year (Grade 8, Grade 9, etc.) I changed my genre just out of musical interest, because I realised I liked all types of genres back then. So I went through stages and I feel like that has influenced my music today.

Do you have any training or are you self-taught?
I wish that I knew somebody who could’ve helped me with that, ‘cause it probably would’ve made the process faster. But it was basically just myself and a few YouTube videos, that helped me find my way.

There are two personas in your music. Can you explain those a bit?
I see my two characters as yin and yang, white and black. They’re both based on me, just two characters that come out of me with everything. Where the white one, the peaceful one, he’s more emotional and very vulnerable and then the black one, the dark side, he’s more dominant and in control and very forward. I like to play around with both of them because I feel like they balance each other out, when one needs the other.

​Have you thought about taking your music into a live environment?
​I’ve got a basic idea of what I want to do where I want to make it a real show. Not just me standing there singing, I want stuff to happen. I remember when I went to watch a Coldplay concert and they had fireworks going off, that kind of stuff. What I’m thinking is for the lighter songs is having a piano and sitting down to play and sing, so people can feel the emotion and then for the darker side I want to jump around a little bit and go quite crazy, just to change it up, I think the crowd would be quite interested in something like that.

Can you tell us a bit about the music you’ve been working on in studio?

The EP is called ‘Monday’. I made an EP called ‘Full Weekend’, where I wrote 5 songs for 5 different women that affected my life emotionally.  At that stage I was just producing and not really singing yet, but they all liked their songs so much they showed their friends and people told me I could sing, so I decided to approach music as a career. So ‘Monday’ is the next step after the weekend. So what I’ve done is I took the girl that affected me the most and told the story of what happened from beginning to end and I’ve split it up into 6 to 7 tracks of different parts of the story. Each part, the way I felt about it, you can feel it in the music. What I tried to do is take the song and let you know what’s going on without any words in it, so you can feel what’s going on in the music. I’ve taken the story and I’ve jumbled it up so if you listen to the EP you can kinda hear where it starts and where it ends, but I wanted to jumble it up to make it more interesting. It’s split up evenly, some parts you can hear the dark side of me, some parts the light side, but there’s one song where it’s both sides together, so people can know both styles are in one person.