Sibot - V.L.D.T.

December 08, 2016

With three brand new tracks that feature elements of bass, glitch and other electronic influences, Sibot is back with a brand new EP. We talked to the legend about his latest release, how his approach to writing has changed over the years and his approach to playing live. Listen to the EP and read the interview below.

What was concept and inspiration behind this release?
I wanted to shift the way we release and consume music. In a push away from commercialization I wanted [something] smaller, unique with depth. Something listeners can follow, join, decode and collect.

You’ve been producing for over a decade now. How has your approach to writing tracks changed?
It always changes. I'm exploring a simpler approach. I've focused on hi bred emotions or combinations of... trying to force a turn up with a warm sentimental break. I've been exploring a certain feeling for now, something that's really coming out in my music.

What is your writing process like? Do you wait for inspiration to hit or do you have a strict studio regime?
I've developed a strict studio routine through work but I've started spending a lot of time on my own projects between 21:00-01:00 most nights ...  so I work all days on ads, films, games and then spend the eves on me.

Do you use mainly software or a combination of hardware and software?
I love software. There are truly mind bending things going on there gear is great for certain sound and for work flow, I wouldn't compare them. I've also got into sampling again in quite a big way

The tracks on the EP feature a variety of influences. Do you think producers limit themselves when they stick to a particular sound or genre?
Before I started producing I was really into hip hop. Before that things like Beck, before that Nirvana, some ravy section and before that rap hip hops, so to stop changing sucks. It's denying discovery and progress. Some people find what they like and stay there, part of who I am is change.

How did you choose the tracks for this release? Do you test them out on the dance floor first?
This project is a dope one. I don't really wanna talk about the selection but these 3 songs felt right together and so I put them together... doesn't mean they'll end up together.

Music sales and distribution has changed over the years, how has that affected how you release your music?
Music sales have never influenced me or effected me because I've hardly even got any. The most valuable thing about music is not it's cash value but the value of the experience a person can have one on one with your music.

Your live shows are always an audio/visual experience, how do you translate what you’ve written into a live performance?
Performance has always been such a great place to enhance that one on one experience, it's like people pooled together so they could afford a really big experience. It'll be interesting to see where the live show goes as I'm entering into a new phase, but live performance has always been a very hands on experience of making something and breaking it down into a few simple buttons and then seeing what happens when I rearrange that. A studio song should be heightened and reimagined into something unique.

Download V.L.D.T. EP from Bandcamp below: