One on one with Jazzuelle

June 28, 2016

In part one of our spotlight on Jazzuelle we looked at 5 songs that define him as an artist. In part two we ask him a few questions to get to know him better, find out a little about his production process, challenges he faces and what's coming up in the future, including his forthcoming album.

Red Bull: Do you go into studio with a set idea or is it something that happens organically while you're there?
Jazzuelle: Well I used to work with a set of ideas when I was in my early twenties, but somehow over the years I’ve gone with spontaneity more than anything else. I love ideas that happen by ‘accident’, then it’s easier to let the music take control. Where you’re not the one paving the direction but the music is. Those are the best sessions.

RB: Do you use instruments, software, sampling or a combination of these to achieve your sound?
J: Well I hardly use instruments to be honest, and I hardly use sampling. I like to play stuff on midi or sometimes just fiddle with the mouse for hours until I get what I want. I like to keep sampling at a minimal, it’s just not my thing man. You’re more of an arranger if the bulk of your music comes from sampled records, the internet, etc.

RB: What are some of the challenges you face while producing and how do you overcome them?
J: The biggest, even currently, is pushing boundaries. I have spent half a year sitting and wondering how I can change what I’ve done in my previous records, or push the boundaries/ It’s a hard thing to overcome, its not writers block. I am very hard on myself so I always ask myself questions like, is this different from the last record. If I find it the same I delete the whole thing and start over. I suppose now it’s interesting with my recent trip to Europe I’ve fallen in love with techno too. Now I’m faced with the conundrum of changing my whole style or introducing a darker shade to my personality gradually through every release, because sometimes that’s all we need, a change of scenery. But time will tell.

RB: You're currently working on an album, can you tell us a little about it and the music you're writing for it.
J: It’s a mental minefield to say the least. As I’ve said, the biggest challenge right now is the pain of remaining the same when I can feel my soul wants and yearns for change. I have grown a love for techno and still love house too, but doing it for so long I’ve grown a bit bored with house and want to venture into techno as well and in that respect, grow as an artist. I am drawn to new things and in this case, after being at Sonar festival and watching some of the electronic acts at Glastonbury like Jon Hopkins play live, I’m not the same person that left South Africa last year. Change is not such a bad thing, it is what we need sometimes.

RB: What's next once the album's done?
J: I want to see the world. I plan to do a few tours abroad, my team’s already working on a schedule for me in Brazil and Europe. I was suppose to leave for Europe earlier but my inability to finish the album on time meant that I had to stay here in  South Africa for a bit longer, and I don’t mind that. You can’t force growth. The team at Get Physical have been advising me pretty well, so I am in good hands right now. Time will tell. But I’m not rushing anything.