Moving To Life's Rhythms

August 27, 2013

House DJ / Production Duo LIfe Rythms consists of DJ Fosta from Cape Town township Langa and Chris Devlin, originally from Scotland, who despite having grown up in different parts of the world discovered a mutual love of the soulful side of house music. We chatted to Chris about their recent time spent in the Red Bull Studios Cape Town and music they made while there.

How did Life Rhythms come to be? How did you meet DJ Fosta and start working with him?

Chris Devlin: We first met at Mzoli’s in 2010 where we were both on the same line up. We connected immediately on a personal and musical level. That was the beginning of the Life Rhythms journey. 

What do each of you bring to the table?

I have been collecting music for over three decades and DJing for twenty years.

I bring a vast collection of music, a discerning taste and a wealth of experience and knowledge. Fosta is not only a great DJ but also an accomplished producer. He knows how things work, especially in the townships, and has developed good relationships within the music industry in South Africa. We are as one in our vision for Life Rhythms.

What has been the experience of DJing out in Langa? What is the scene like out there?

We’ve had some fantastic gigs over the last few years particularly Cape Town’s townships. We’ve lined up alongside some of South Africa’s biggest acts like Black Coffee, Zonke, Zahara and Black Motion to name a few. It has been a privilege to regularly play to open minded and musically aware audiences who have always shown us great support and respond so positively to our sound. Our Life Rhythms residency in Langa last year was an incredible experience for me. It opened up another world to me in terms of the environment and the people and this has definitely enriched my life.

Describe the track you recorded and produced at the Red Bull Studio Cape Town.

Right the way through, there was a special spirit in the creation of 'Mama' (listen below). The set up at Red Bull was top class and the whole process flowed seamlessly. This song was inspired by the Mothers of South Africa and is ultimately dedicated to them. It was an expression of deep emotion and that certainly reflects in this track. We were united in all aspects of this creation.

How did you connect with Lungiswa Plaaitjies (the vocalist on the track)?

Fosta knows Lungiswa from music circles in Langa and approached her to work with us. Lungiswa has been a blessing to Life Rhythms. Not only is she a fine person but also an experienced professional, a gifted songwriter and has a wonderful voice. Her performance on 'Mama' and 'Sangoma Spirit' (listen below) was exceptional. So much power and emotion went into this song .

What are your plans for the future?

We have high hopes for Life Rhythms. ‘Mama’ has already been signed by Peng Africa and is due to be released in August. We are also working on an EP for Peng Africa, and a collaboration with Marissa Guzman, ‘Let’s go as One’, which will be released on Soul Candi later this year. We are preparing ourselves for a busy season of gigs in various forms. We've also been developing our live act which includes vocals, keyboards, percussion and trumpet as well as a DJ.

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