Mizz drops a new single

June 29, 2016

Born in the Eastern Cape, but based in Cape Town, the talented young DJ and producer known as Mizz has brought out a new single. The man behind hit tracks such as Koze Kuse, Count Your Blessings, Eduze (feat Bonj), Close to you with Bob'ezy and Happy People, his latest track features the lyrical stylings of well-known vocalist Mpumi.

Entitled “Kuwe”, it is the first single from his forthcoming album “Never Stop Dreaming”, to be released on the the 29th of July. The track features soft pads, a lively rhythm section and soulful vocals overlaid with touches of slide guitar which lulls you into the groove.

​The single will be launched at Loxion Cuisine in Khayelitsha with Mizz and Mpumi perfoming live along with a host of supporting acts that include JustThando, Bee Deejay, Kaofela and Huge Tree amongst others. Find out more about the launch event on Facebook and grab the single on iTunes.

The Studio first connected with Mizz back in 2013 with the release of the Red Bull Studio Sessions 05 mixed by Thibo Tazz that featured Mizz's track Facts Of Life. He then attended the Red Bull Music Academy Bass Camp in Johannesburg during that same year. Since then he has become one of SA's hit-makers in the house music scene, producing two of SA's biggest house tracks of the last two years, Count Your Blessings and Koze Kuse, although he didn't take much credit for these mammoth tracks. Hopefully 2016 will see Mizz receive the credit his so deserves.