Interkasinal Session South Africa

April 07, 2017

Founded in 2012 by Sibah Anne, Interkasinal is a platform for artists from townships to showcase their talent alongside more established acts. We talked to him to find out what led him to founding Interkasinal, how artists are selected, the plans for Interkasinal and who to keep an eye on.

When did you found Interkasinal and what led you to founding it?
I started off by running weekly Open Mic Nights in Nyanga East on Friday evenings back in 2012. Later I collaborated with the hood’s aspiring social entrepreneurs and and we formed a program for community arts development as well as a gang interventions concept. 

I realised that running such sessions in one township was not enough, as we were getting artists from surrounding areas. So I decided to go for one township to another. We managed to cover places such as Hermanus, Nyanga and surrounding townships. You never know, we might be covering your hood real soon!

What is the concept behind Interkasinal? 
The concept is to give one another a chance, by form of performance platforms, access, socialising and introducing local craft to local people. We are independent artists who are not getting attention from our people.

The lineup features established and upcoming artists, what goes into artist selection? 
We obviously have to offer what’s demanded by the market. So we look at the local artists and choose the ‘well’ established ones and then open a platform to the aspiring ones, You simply send us your resume, music and press via email so we can know who we’re dealing with.

You’re planning on taking Interkasinal around the country, where are you planning on going and which artists will be going on tour? 
The plan is to cover disadvantaged places such as Eastern Cape, Durban etc, but also taking the artists we’ve uncovered to the cities and introducing our work to the relevant market.

Who are some of the artists that are playing at Interkasinal that we should be keeping our eyes on? 
We have : Ruffest, Mad-A CPT, Dope Yolo, Thrill Switcha, Dj Baseline, DJ Toolz, Sintu and more.

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