In Studio: Jack Parow

April 13, 2017

Rapper Jack Parow is a busy man with many projects. We caught up with him when he came to studios and found out how he got his own festival, collaborations, his upcoming album and what he's been recording in studio.

Your EP from last year From Parow with Love features a number of collaborations. What draws you to collaborations?
I just think I’m that Willie Nelson kinda thing where I make music with my friends. I like making music with my friends. I think especially from a rap perspective and being a solo rap artist, it’s more of a lonely game than it is with my friends or anyone else that’s in bands. They all write together. They have this whole process and have a lot of ideas that come from different spaces. That’s why I tend to do a lot of collabs, just to also get that energy. But with collabs 90 percent of the time I’ll still bring the idea to the table and bring like a full track almost so that the people don’t have to do too much work from their side...

You’ve going to have your own festival…
Yeah Mojo, I got signed on them a while back. It’s part of Live Nation which is the biggest booking agency in the world. I’ve been signed to their BeneLux booking agency and they gave me my own festival called Parow Fest in Utrecht at Tivolivredenburg. It’s an amazing venue. Just having your own festival in another country is insane. It’s a humbling and amazing thing to be a part of. It’s going to be lekker and hopefully in the end if it does really well and we keep doing it, to bring more artists from South Africa across. Every time I’ve toured I’ve brought artists with me from South Africa. I try and punt South African artists and South African music as a whole as much as I can when I’m on tour because I’m fucking proud of South Africa and as a people we really are the future of the fucking world.

You stopped by Red Bull Studios. What are you working on?
I am here to work on a track with my tjommies De Likt. It’s for their new album. It’s a track about going to the bar and getting drunk. Which for me is pretty easy to write about! It’s a fun track. I love De Likt. If you ever get the chance to see them, they are crazy. He raps in a speedo. In one song, he climbs onto the shoulders of his friends who is massive and he raps and if someone can push them over they’ll give them like a thousand euros or something ridiculous. And no one has been able to push them over. They’re from Rotterdam and I like it ‘cause it’s mal. That’s what I try with my style as well. To do something different with hip hop and doing for a lack of a better word fresher or just off the beaten track. So I get pulled towards bands that do the same thing. Them, De Kraai, Skip and Die, and Ertebrekers...

You’re working on a new album. What can you tell me about it and what else are you working on this year?
The big things are the album and Parow Fest, but the album is really the main thing I’m focusing on at the moment. That we’re aiming to get out by September. I’ve got 3 good songs down already but I still have a bit to go. I just booked myself into a farm in Stanford with no signal and I wrote 3 songs in a day and half. I just can’t write here in the city. So it’s just finding breaks to get away, because the hecticness of the city just doesn’t support the writing process. I think that’s why people always have houses in Prince Albert or something like that, just to get away from this. I’m working with Johnny De Ridder from Fokofpolisiekar whose producing most of the stuff. He did some stuff for the EP so it’s cool to do a full album with him now. I don’t wanna say too much about it but it’s got cool concept I think and cool vibe about it. I’m trying to shed a light on South Africa more and the loose narrative of the album is very much local based. So hopefully it comes out the way I want. Schalk Bezuidenhout is doing some skits. So it’s going to be nice.