The Leers

Mt Maunganui-formed, Auckland-based indie pop quartet The Leers began their week by tweeting a teaser for a project that’s been brewing for some time, cc’ing Red Bull Studio Auckland and resident engineer Ben Lawson for good measure. But what exactly are the “things” coming our way?

If you’d kept an eye on The Leers’ Facebook recently, you’d have spotted a few clues, including a photo of Lawson behind the glass in the Red Bull control room; a pic of The Leers’ Matt Bidois, Jack Furniss, Jacob Buchan and James Kippenberger toasting their success in an Auckland apartment; and a release date, “I CAN’T COPE 18/09/14”.  

Those tip-offs all point towards one reveal, news of the band’s brand new single, recorded, mixed and mastered at Red Bull Studio Auckland. ‘I Can’t Cope’ is The Leers’ first fresh offering since their tune ‘Day To Day’ was released back in April – and, as frontman Matt Bidois explains, it’s a song they’ve been marinating on for the past few months.

“It’s one of the few songs that we didn’t really come up with on the spot,” he says. “Jacob and Jack built the rhythm of the whole thing and then we all added our bits one at a time.

“We first went into Red Bull Studio in July, and that was when we came up with a bunch of ideas to fit into the song. We returned this month to track with Ben, and that’s when it all came together. It’s only now that we’re crashing back to reality, going back to our day jobs after two weeks of living the dream in the studio!”

This two week window of opportunity allowed Bidois and the boys to do much more than get a new single in the can; they used the time to track 12 fresh tunes for their debut album. And while Bidois is staying schtum on a release date or a title for their first long player, he’s clearly hyped to drop a set of songs in this classic format.

“We’ve always wanted to release an album since we started a band,” Bidois reveals. “A lot of people are getting into listening to singles, but we’re avid album listeners. Our favourite albums are pieces of music that are made to be listened to as a whole, whether it’s links between songs or how the songs fit contextually, and that’s what we’ve aimed to capture here.”

Before The Leers deliver their debut set though, they’ll offer a first look on the LP with its lead single. And while that “I CAN’T COPE 18/09/14” tease indicates this is still a little way off, Bidois reckons we might get to give the song a spin a little sooner than expected.

“We originally planned to release it on the Friday, but to be honest with you, we might even release it earlier,” he laughs. “We’re going to fight with management and see if we can pull the date forward a few days ’cause we really want to get it out there as soon-as.”