Meet Sachi

They Call That the Codes

When Nick Chrisp and Will Thomas – the future bass duo known as SACHI – first heard that they’d won the Red Bull Studios Remix Competition with their retooling of PNC’s ‘The Codes’, the two 17-year-olds were caught unawares. Tuned in to Dan Aux’s George Drive show, they heard the piano loop that intros their remix, but were thrown a curveball when Aux announced that the #PNCREMIX winner was in fact Sydney-side production wunderkind, Flume. That troll was quickly corrected by PNC, who jumped on the mic to reveal that SACHI had in fact taken the title.

“That was a big relief,” Thomas admits, “and the win’s been huge for us. We’ve got a lot of exposure from guys in the New Zealand hip hop scene through PNC.”

“We’ve got a really good relationship with George FM too,” Chrisp adds. “They’ve played a lot of our tunes, and I know Aroha’s been playing ‘The Codes’ remix on her show – and Dan has as well.”

Along with the extra spins, the win saw SACHI cop a Maschine Mikro to add to their arsenal of production gear. More used to swapping files between their bedroom studios, Chrisp and Thomas have now been upgraded to Red Bull Studios Auckland, where they’re fine-tuning a set of brand new tracks set for an EP release.

“For the first time ever we’re going to put out some originals with vocalists on them,” says Thomas. “Red Bull is giving us access to professional recording equipment plus mixing and mastering. And of course we get to work with The Bengineer…”

With just four days of studio time locked in, SACHI aren’t mucking around. They’ve already recorded vocals from Young Tapz and Mzwètwo, plus newcomers Zoe and they’re five tracks deep into what will be their Lunch with Bianca EP.

“We’re covering a lot of ground with this new material,” Thomas reveals. “We’ve got influences ranging from ’90s house through to trap influences. We spend a lot of time on the internet looking for new music, and you’ll hear all those influences on the EP.”

“We’re so appreciative of this studio time,” says Chrisp. “It just feels so good writing music in here – it’s a really cool environment, really good people. Winning the Red Bull Studios Remix Competition and now being in here is only strengthening that relationship.”