64 Bars ft. Raiza Biza

Raiza Biza steps up to the plate for 64 of his freshest bars with David Dallas.

Over the course of November Red Bull Studios Auckland and David Dallas reconnect to present a new season of 64 Bars, this time starring local rappers DIRTY (of ENO X DIRTY), Raiza Biza, and newcomer Kid$eb. Following the video series, Red Bull Studios and David Dallas will take 64 Bars live for the first time with a special intimate sold-out event on Dec 2 at Underpass in Auckland.

As always, the set-up is elegantly simple: three MCs, one mic, one studio. Originally dreamed up in 2015, 64 Bars is an online showcase where handpicked MCs step into the booth and lay down "64 bars" of straight raps. Styled in the tradition of Sway's 5 Fingers of Death freestyle segment, or Charlie Sloth's Fire In The Booth, it's an outlet for local artists to show and prove their skills for real.

"The sole idea behind 64 Bars was to have a platform strictly focused on the craft of rapping – not songwriting, or fashion or marketing," explains David Dallas.

"You've got radio and social media for that other stuff. I just wanted this to be a showcase of people's ability to rap."

64 Bars kicked off strong with two spotlight-stealing seasons, featuring PNC, Lukan Raisey (of MASO Gang), Josh Lane, legendary BK MC Talib Kweli (US), Abdul Kay, INF (of SWIDT) and Rizván. The third season presents equally hearty performances, last week's video from DIRTY, today's by Raiza Biza and newcomer Kid$eb respectively. Taking things back to basics, it cuts straight to, and illuminates, the cornerstone of the MC craft.

After season three wraps up, David Dallas and Red Bull Studios Auckland will take 64 Bars live at Underpass on Dec 2 in Auckland. With David Dallas on hosting duties, PNC, Lukan Raisey, Josh Lane, Abdul Kay, INF, Rizván, DIRTY, Raiza Biza and Kid$eb touch the mic. Performing under the spotlight they'll present a short packed set surrounded by an intimate audience – moving the feeling of a crowded street corner cypher into a live scenario.

"I feel like 64 bars has been really healthy for the scene," David Dallas enthuses. "It's shone a light on how much talent we have coming through, it's allowed deserving artists to grow their fan base, and it's made my inbox fill up with DMs from rappers hungry to get on the next round."