64 Bars first female participant JessB steps up

Far from flashy, flamboyant or ostentatious, 64 Bars is bars for bar's sake. Stripping away everything extracurricular, it’s about rappers and their rhymes, and nothing else. For its third season, the format remains the same. An MC, a microphone, a studio. Handpicked by New Zealand hip-hop lynchpin David Dallas, three local MCs entered Red Bull Studios to record 64 barebones bars to a beat selected for them by David. Free from song structure, hooks, and bridges, this is carpark cypher rhyming at its finest, and the punchlines are uppercuts.

Last week Kaleb Hill stepped up to the plate, and this week we present Central Auckland’s Jess B, 64 Bars first female participant.

Jess has been doing some work with P-Money, and he reps her hard,” David explains. “She was a pro. She came in and handled it first take. She’s got a vibe, and she’s super confident

Of mixed Kenyan and Pākehā descent, Jess B is part of a new generation of Kiwi African hip-hop artists who are fast turning our national rap underground inside out, with their eyes firmly focused on the mainstream as well. And while she cites the likes of Missy Elliot, 50 Cent, and Timbaland as inspiration, her jiggy early 2000s roots are a Trojan horse for how she can punch to a sparse beat.

Being handpicked by David Dallas was pretty special, and motivation to keep pursuing my music dream,” she enthuses. “Secondly, to be the first woman to participate in 64 Bars has been a great privilege and challenge for me – not only to nail it but to rep for all the dope females in the New Zealand hip-hop scenes right now

Watch 64 Bars with Jess B above. Read about the project and watch Kaleb Hill’s here.