Surly describes his art as 'Footwork influenced bass music,' and it’s just that. The Auckland based producer recently released his debut ‘Surly EP’ through LA local footwork label Juke Bounce Werk, and already its seen praises stack up. If you’re already head deep in his record then we’ve got the next drop for your sanity. Made up exclusively of tracks, edits and remixes by members of the Juke Bounce Werk crew – Surly delivers a fresh Red Bull Studios Guest Mix.


Kush Jones, Grateful, (TAR Records)

Neuropunk, World Soul, (JBW)

Scatta, Pass Dat, ((JBW)

Deejay Compton, Rushen, (Juke Underground)

Surly, Uv Bin, (Footwork Fusion 160)

Swisha, New Luv, (JBW)

Swisha, Grease 'Uh From Da Back, (JBW)

Deejay Compton, Jawn, (JBW)

SubCode, Bootstraps, (JBW)

Surly, Untitled WIP, (JBW)

Kush Jones, Riddim, (JBW)

Surly, Our Love, (JBW)

Sonic D, Creepin, (JBW)

Kush Jones, Wrist, (JBW)

The Heights - #Blessed - (JBW)

Neuropunk, Afraid of Detroit, (JBW)

Kush Jones, Bang, (TAR Records)

Los, Grammys, (JBW)

Blanco x Los, Rainy Day, (JBW)

Deejay Compton, Manthis, (JBW)

Kush Jones, Love Song, (JBW)

SubCode, Workitbaby, (JBW)

Surly, Back In The Jungle, (JBW)

Surly x Kush Jones, Full Nelson, (JBW)

Swisha x Los, They Don't Want U To Win, (Dome Of Doom)

Kendrick Lamar, Alright (Sonic D footwork remix), (unreleased)