Groeni are an exciting three-piece electronic act hailing from Wellington, NZ. Their music has been recognized from a number of respected music critics for its textured ambience and complex beauty, and has received huge attention and has gained the group airplay on BBC 3 & 6, as well as hype from major electronic music blog Future Garage. The trio have mixed up our next Red Bull Studios Guest Mix and have positioned the below,

‘Here is a small but special collection of tunes that we have been loving lately, no special theme, just a bunch of bangers. Some have been favourites for years, and some are as recent as the last couple of weeks. All three of us are super interested in a wide range of music and think that this can be heard in this mix as its scope includes electronic, hip hop, and folk to name but a few. Making this mix was a fun night for us- hope you enjoy!’


  1. Kendrick Lamar. ‘u’. (Top Dawg – Aftermath – Interscope)
  2. Crazy Bald Heads. ‘First Born. (On a Tick)
  3. I’lls. ‘Let Me Have Just One’ (Solitaire Recordings)
  4. Jai Paul. ‘Track 16’ (Unknown)
  5. Borrowed cs. ‘Jam Out the Track Man.’ (Independent)
  6. Jon Hopkins. ‘Open Eye Signal’. (Domino Records)
  7. Burial. ‘Endorphin’. (Hyperdub)
  8. Radiohead. ‘Reckoner’. (XL – TBD Records)
  9. Seth Frightening. ‘Laugher’ (Sonorous Circle)
  10. Daedelus. ‘Tzars and Hussars’. (Brainfeeder)
  11. Port St. Willow. ‘Amawalk’ (Downtown Records)
  12. Cube Face. ‘For Me’. (Cadence Collective)

Pickup Groeni's debut EP here. Ps. it sounds best on wax!