If you haven’t heard of Homebrew, and class yourself an underground hip-hop head, then you’ve been missing out.

Home Brew released their debut album in 2012, going #1 with no major label backing or mainstream radio play. The opening track to the light side of the double album 'Dedicated To' is now available for remix below.​

Put your spin on their track Dedicated To and you could be walking away with a brand new set of KRK Rokit 6’s, a day in Red Bull Studios Auckland, and a years supply of WINGS.

1. Download the acapella above.

2. Put your spin on ‘Dedicated To.'

3. Upload your REMIX to soundcloud with the tag #HOMEBREWREUP and submit here.

​Entries close April 25th, and Homebrew Crew will announce winner April 28th at 20:00.

* Disclaimer: Stems and upload of remix are limited to entrance of the Red Bull Studios Remix competition only. Permission must be requested and approved in written form to use stems beyond competition capacity. *