RBMA VOL 12: Kody Nielson aka SILICON

Lurking amidst Auckland’s tranquil waters, bold mountains and dormant volcanoes, insomniac Kody Nielson aka SILICON composes shiny and gorgeous pop-aspersions that loiter in the silence.

The Hawaiian-New Zealander has always been separated from both the mainland and the main-frame, starting out in Flying Nun band The Mint Chicks with his brother Ruban. After the band split, Ruban went on to release records under his moniker Unknown Mortal Orchestra, while Kody formed his solo project SILICON, whose debut LP Personal Computer is a collection of psychedelic noir electronics, often exploring the gap between the physical and the synthetic. Whether working in both critically-acclaimed projects or touring round the world, Kody’s steady on his own musical path wherever it takes him.