David Dallas

David Dallas drops new single 'Dont Rate That'

Taking up residency in the Red Bull Studios Auckland, David Dallas has made the return from a stint of writing: 'To be honest I thought I would be writing one of these spiels this time last year. Unfortunately music has its own clock, and even though I'd recorded a bunch of stuff at that point - I don't really think I had anything to say. And what good is a song with nothing to say? So I fell back for a bit. Started Over, got stressed out, got married, over thought things, under-thought things, so on and so forth. It's been a while, but at the very least I think I've got something to say now. 

With production from Fire & Ice, the new track packs a message for your ear to perk from loan sharks to xenophobia. Watch this space for the unveiling of more from the lab.