64 Bars 'The Round-Up'

December 05, 2016

64 Bars come's to a close for 2016...watch the round-up here.

David Dallas hosts a night of spotlight stealing lyricism with 64 Bars going live for the first time...

On Saturday the 2nd of December, Red Bull Studios and David Dallas hosted the first ever 64 Bars Live event at Underpass in Auckland.

Local rappers PNC, Lukan Raisey, Josh Lane, Abdul Kay, INF, Rizván, DIRTY, Raiza Biza, Kid$eb and Dallas himself touched the mic, performing short packed sets to an intimate crowd.

If you missed out on the live event then watch studio takes from each of the performing artists below and check out the gallery here.

1. David Dallas

2. PNC

3. Abdul Kay

4. Lukan Raisey

5. Josh Lane

6. INF

7. Rizvan


9. Raiza Biza


10. Kid$eb


11. Talib Kweli