64 Bars ft. Rizván


The multi talented Tongan wordsmith articulating his life through bars...

The set-up is elegantly simple: three MCs, one mic, one studio. 64 Bars, a project formulated by David Dallas and Red Bull Studio Auckland, sees handpicked MCs hit the booth and lay down, as the title suggests, 64 bars.

Tickets for 64 Bars Live - http://bit.ly/64BarsLive

Last week we saw Onehunga rapper and producer INF raise the bar with top-tier lyricism, this week we watch Rizvan drop the next set.  

Straight raps - no hooks, no bells or whistles.

Watch 64 Bars with Rizvan above. Also check out takes from Abdul KayINF and rap legend Talib Kweli.

“I’ve always liked hearing an artist go into a radio show - kick a new verse on air, and kill it. Overseas there’s things like Sway’s 5 Fingers of Death freestyles or Charlie Sloth’s Fire in the Booth. We didn’t really have an outlet like that in New Zealand anymore, so we created one.”

Dallas states; “It's important that MC's coming up have a standard they can look to and a platform to showcase it. This is strictly about the craft of rapping - not songwriting, or music videos, or dressing up for Instagram. We’re going to throw a beat on and they’re going to spit. Anybody can muck around and come up with a lil 16 - but you’ve got to be serious to come with a 64 bar verse, you've got to be good to carry that.”

64 Bars takes things back to basics. It’s a chance to hear established artists flex the skills that got them there, and to locate who’s next up on NZ’s rap radar - presenting them with a raw, undiluted format to have their voices heard.

“After the way the first series was embraced, it's been pretty evident these dudes are not playing when they come in here. A-game's all round. I think people are gonna be impressed with where the level's at."